Otomatik Muziek, DRNTTCKS – Mitten
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DRNTTCKS’ »Mitten« alludes on the ambivalent heritage, aesthetics and ideology of parts of the Krautrock and similar scenes. Visualizing this approach for the inlay and cover, DICEY provided the snapshot of a commonplace yet very specific domestic scene — an oversaturated, low definition memory of German Suburbia. The flipside presents the group name in a lettering shifting between nostalgia and modernism, embedded in a posterlike retro layout that features the witty track titles prominently. All of course tinted in red and green only, the colors characterizing the sociopolitical milieu and mindscapes examined on this record. From the German press release: »Rot und Grün als reelle gesellschaftliche Kraft der Krautrock/Deutschtum-Verbindung. Vom funktionalen Kleinbürgerreihenhaus in den bekifften Jugendzentrumproberaum in den Bundestag zur Kosovo-Hufeisenplan-Schauergeschichte samt Bundeswehrtornados, mit Batik-Verlauf-Unterwäsche und bürokratisch-neurotischer Mülltrennung.«