Otomatik Muziek, S.U.V. – New Dark Age
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»New Dark Age« by S.U.V., Otomatik Muziek’s first release, is a horror-striken comment on the racist terror in Germany. The eight tracks of voiceless drones feature titles speaking of the violence, hate and repression that are spread by and constitute the mob and nationalistic policies. For this project, DICEY pursued a twofold approach tackling those issues of repression and violence: On the one hand reflected by the stripped down, harsh and aggressive cover design using signal color paper marked with black rows of squeezed, barely readable words; and on the other hand by the fact that the cassette can only be opened by force — the shell is fixed close with super glue. Simultaneously with its first release also the logo of the label is introduced, playing with signifiers from new age to corporate culture and their opposites, as the drone and experimental music Otomatik Muziek is schedulded to release would suggest.