de Vega, Mazón Gardoqui, Silvestrin – Limen
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»LIMEN« compiles documentation of Mario de Vega’s diverse body of work plus several texts by authors including Timothy Morton and David L. Altheide. The publication conjoins Spanish and English components to form a single object: a reversible, 352-page book. The main section of the publication, entitled »Usuarios (Users)«, features a longterm, ongoing photo project of more than 600 digital images. DICEY translated this artwork into an unending stream of images flowing across the edges of the pages, constituting the center of the book, to be read from both sides. All of de Vega’s other projects are presented as single images or short series, in duotone printing. The layout and design of the book build on the often technical, modular and multilayered nature and the situatedness at the treshold of human perception of de Vega’s practice—aspects already hinted at with the choice of the two title illustrations. The smooth and softly textured cover material emphasizes tactile and bodily qualities and the illustrations initiating each chapter, developed in a close collaborative effort, serve as graphic manifestations of this approach.