Endzeit Festival, 2014
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The festivall named »The Last Days« for the gloomy future prospects in the cold war 80s, is an underground culture institution in the Nuremberg region existing for more than 28 years. Providing a space for newcomers and all kinds of experiments, this year’s 28th edition also houses the ongoing project »Drones Against Frontex« (which features the recontexualised essay »Infrared Dreams in Times of Transparency« by Vika Kirchenbauer from DICEY’s Married Print #1), besides video and sound installations, and objects by Rashad Becker, Cameron Deas, Anton Kaun and many more. For poster and (crossfolded) programme DICEY choose to give the design a slightly sacral touch while hinting at the festival’s history: the dominant festival name elevated on a majestic blue backdrop is emanating glowing rays and emitting a cloud of abstract particles of light evocative of 80s xerox copier aesthetics.