Dominik Sittig – Tarragona Barcelona 1979
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Dominik Sittig’s book »Tarragona Barcelona 1979« is a collection of notes on the author’s dreams, paralleled with pocketcamera photos shot by his parents on a family trip in 1979. In the editing and restoring process of the massively paled photographs, DICEY aimed at a coherent impact of the series while preserving their amateur character, intimate quality and the traces of time on the individual photographs. Printed on semi-glossy paper, the five photo sections interrupt the text passages on light, uncoated paper. Every paragraph represents one dream, clearly distinct from each other as were the days they were written down. The 252-pages book (published by Textem, Hamburg) was released at the opening of the author’s solo show »Die anwesenden Eltern«, where it was presented as part of the printed matter section.