Dominik Sittig – Die anwesenden Eltern
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The catalogue for Dominik Sittig’s second institutional solo-exhibition (at kestnergesellschaft, Hannover) with its original title »Die anwesenden Eltern« gathers photographs of 42 of his paintings, a selection of his recent publications produced in collaboration with DICEY, and 3 essays in both German and English. The presentation of the paintings as iconographic objects (rather than trimmed images) in white, undefined space, sets a strict layout for the texts as well, underlining their character as works on their own. The cover design hints to this aspect already, as well as to Dominik Sittig’s manner to forego distinctions between his paintings and his publications as part of his artistic practice. Besides the meticulous type setting and layout, DICEY also carried out the image editing and production, highlighting the multi-layered, shiny textures and vibrance
of the paintings on glossy paper. The catalogue is published by Motto Books, Berlin.