Broken Dimanche Press / Dicey Studios – 6 found short stories on 128 pages
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In an average book production, the roles between writer, designer etc. and their functions in that process are clearly separated from each other. On the web, the distinctions between author, editor, designer, publisher and reader are blurring increasingly, which can also be said for the different modes of writing and reading — »6 found short stories on 128 pages« transfers this blurring into the form of the book. At the same time it plays on the qualities and peculiarities of this medium with a bold, clear cut and minimal approach. »6 found short stories on 128 pages« leaves the reader with a collection of written stories, broken down into their smallest component parts, that constitute a book-in-slow-motion shorter even than an old Twitter tweet.

Approaching the production process of this book seen from its middle and final stages, DICEY asks the readers to readjust their reading habits and expectations. The properties of the book form are used to present six very condensed yet open stories, each of which comprises a two-word-combination (found in texts on blogs and online magazines), by placing one single character on each page only. The resulting emphasis on the distinguishing qualities of the typeface, and on the book as an sequential object, indicate the conception of this book as rooted in the practice of graphic and book design.

For the launch of this experimental publication DICEY utilized its inherent features to transform this pocket-sized book (7,4 × 10,5 cm) into a modular, adaptable installation, spelling out one of the short stories in the publisher’s showroom.

»6 found short stories on 128 pages« was printed and bound in a number of 200 copies in a workshop-like situation, at Albdruck, Berlin and is published by Broken Dimanche Press, Berlin.

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